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Prayer After Being Rejected

Perhaps a friend or someone you care about has rejected you. Maybe you didn't get the job you wanted. Or you didn't make the team or the play. In any case, being rejected hurts.

This prayer will help you pour out your heart to God when you have been rejected. God understands your pain. Jesus knew very well the sting of being pushed away. The people of his own hometown rejected him. The crucifixion of our Lord was rejection in the extreme.

Prayer After Being Rejected

Lord I am hurting.
The pain runs deep.
I want to lash out.
I want them to know how they made me feel.
I hope they fail.
I want to see it happen.

Help me to let go of these feelings.
I need your grace.
I can't do it myself.

You faced the ultimate rejection.
You came to show us how to love the Father and each other.
They crucified you.
Yet you forgave them all.
You forgave me.

Give me a heart like yours.
When I feel the anger rising, come to my aid.
Let me feel you nearby.
Grant me the grace to choose to forgive.
Over and over again.


Video Resource

This is a follow up on a video about discernment. Fr. Mike Schmitz talks about how to handle rejection. We might ask “How was my discernment so wrong?”

For most things in our lives, God gives us the freedom to choose. But some of these things involve more than one person. Maybe I choose it, but the other person does not.

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2 responses to “Prayer After Being Rejected”

  1. Ana Avatar

    This prayer on Rejection’ has two lines that are disturbing!
    Can you rewrite ‘I hope they fail’ part
    And ‘I want to see it happen’😔 part.

    Christ does not want us praying something like that, but our humanness does. Maybe it should say- “I hope they stop this behavior’ and ‘they can do better!”

    Blessings to you all !

    1. Young Catholics Avatar

      This is a prayer for when we are angry. It is OK to honestly speak our feelings in prayer. St. Augustine said "Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are." This quote highlights that anger can be a catalyst for positive change when channeled constructively. The prayer does go on to ask for the grace for conversion. That being said, feel free to write your own prayer which expresses your feelings at the moment.

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