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A Prayer to God My Protector - Based on Psalm 91

A Prayer Based on Psalm 91

This prayer based on Psalm 91 is a prayer to God my protector. God shelters us in his love and keeps us from harm.

A Prayer to God My Protector

Based on Psalm 91

You are my shelter ,
Like a mighty oak tree which spreads its limbs over me.
You protect me from the harshness of our world.

When I am trapped you gently release me.
Suddenly I am free and you wrap your arms around me.
My fear fades away.
Your strength keeps evil far from me.

I am safe within your loving embrace.
My guardian angel comes at your summons,
Watching over me at your command.

You know I need you.
My pleas for help reach your ears.
You answer me in love,
Eternally protecting me.


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