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Could You Give It Up Game

Could You Give It Up is a Lenten variation of the Ten Fingers game. Youth must try to outwit each other by guessing what they would give up for Lent which the others would not.

This game is an honor system game. Encourage the youth to be honest with their responses.

How to Play Could You Give It Up Game


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  1. Have the group stand in a circle.
  2. Everyone holds up all ten fingers straight up in front of them.
  3. Choose someone to go first. They say “I could give up ________ for Lent. Could you give it up?” They must fill in the blank with something they would really be willing to give up.
  4. The people who could not give up the item mentions have to lower one finger.
  5. The next person in the circle gets to make a statement about what they could give up. Once again, everyone who could not give up that thing has to lower a finger.
  6. Once a person has lowered all ten fingers, they are out.
  7. Play continues until only one player has one or more fingers raised.
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