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Spot the Difference Game

In this Spot the Difference game, youth must observe what has changed. It is a good team building game for a lesson on noticing differences, seeing change, or being observant.

How to Play Spot the Difference Game


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  1. Divide the group into two teams. Five or six players is a good team size. If your group is large, have several games running simultaneously.
  2. Have one team line up across the front of the room so that other team can observe them.
  3. Give the observing team one minute to look at the lined up team.
  4. The observing team leaves the room.
  5. The lined up team can then change ten things about their appearance. These things must be noticeable just by looking at the group.
  6. The observing team comes back into the room. They have two minutes to say what is different about the team. They may list up to ten differences. For each one they get correct, they get a point.
  7. Switch the teams so the observing team becomes the lined up team and the lined up team becomes the observing team.
  8. The team with the most points wins.

People Sort Activity

The point of this activity is that racial differences are based on a social construct rather than genetic differences. In fact, two people of European descent can have less genetic similarities to each other than they do to someone of Asian descent.

Won’t You Smile Game

In the Won’t You Smile game one person tries to make someone else in the group smile. Everyone else must keep a straight face. Won’t You Smile is a team-building or icebreaker game.

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