This paper plate dove craft is simple enough for your Vacation Bible School or Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

You could use several of these together to make a mobile, especially if you use the smaller dessert sized plates. You could also make some fruit shapes to hang on the mobile with the fruits of the Holy Spirit written on them. Or some gift shapes with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Get creative!

Paper Plate Dove Craft


  • Thin white paper plate
  • Pen or pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Orange marker


See below for pictures

  1. Draw the body of the dove. A small glass can be used to make the circle for the head. Then draw curves for the side of the body and straight lines to complete the tail.
  2. Cut straight down the sides to make the wings. See the picture.
  3. If necessary, cut the wings down a little to make them the correct proportion for the body.
  4. Glue the wings together at the bottom.
  5. Glue the body on to the wings.
  6. Draw eyes with the black marker.
  7. Draw a beak and legs with the orange marker.

Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit Worksheet (Cryptogram)

This Holy Spirit worksheet introduces the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. A definition of each gift or fruit is given along with the encrypted answer. Each letter actually represents a different letter. So every time a youth decrypts a word, they get more clues for how to decrypt the remaining word.

The Holy Spirit Is Like the Wind (Kite Activity)

This activity is to show children how the Holy Spirit is like the wind. We can’t see the Holy Spirit directly, but we can see the work of the Spirit.

You will need one or more kites and an outdoor location to fly them.






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