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Pig Food Race - A Prodigal Son Game

This Pig Food Race makes participants look like pigs rooting for food, so it is perfect as a Prodigal Son game for a lesson on the parable.

How to Play Pig Food Race - Prodigal Son Game



  1. Give each youth a ball.
  2. Have them line up at one end of the play area.
  3. Designate an end point for the race.
  4. On your mark, have them start pushing their ball towards the end using only their noses.
  5. The first person to the end wins.


  • A longer play area will result in a longer race.
  • If you don't have space for a long area, have them go to the end and back.
  • The balls will be much easier to push on a hard surface than on grass.
  • This is a fun game to play in a gym or cafeteria.
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Printable Copy of Pig Food Race

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