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Wild Wet Wiffle Ball

Wild Wet Wiffle Ball is a fun summer option for a youth group game or for VBS.  It is just like regular wiffle ball, only wetter.

Wild Wet Wiffle Ball Youth Group Game


Optional equipment


  • Basic rules are the same as normal wiffle ball. The rules below are typical for kids.
    • The group is divided into two teams
    • The pitcher throws the ball to the batter. (For young children have an adult or older youth pitch.)
    • For young children, let them swing at the ball until they make contact. For older children, each gets to receive three pitches before they are out.
    • There is no tagging out of base runners.
    • There are three zones. A ball hit into the singles zone is a single. Into the doubles zone is a double. Into the triples zone is a triple.
      • If it doesn't make it as far as the singles zone, then it is an out.
      • A fielder may stop the ball to prevent it from going into a higher zone.
      • Set up your zones at distances which are appropriate for your age group.
      • A ball caught in the air is an out.
    • A player who makes it around all four bases, scores a point for the team.
    • Team with the most points after five innings wins.
  • Use the kiddie pools full of water instead of bases.  Runners are "on base" when they are standing in the pool.
  • If you want to make it extra cold, put some ice in the pools also.
  • Optionally, add some sprinklers to the sides, between home and first base and between third base and home. Position them so the runners will get wet when running these paths.
  • A slip n slide between third base and home is also a fun option.
  • Also consider using a splash pad for the batter's box.


You could also play a kickball game with your youth group this way.


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