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Sea Slime (for VBS or Youth Ministry)

Slime is easy to make and fun for kids to play with. Mix up a batch of sea slime for your ocean themed Vacation Bible School or youth group meeting.

Slime is fun for youth to play with. They can stretch it and pull it and let it ooze through their fingers. It can be just a fun sensory experience for them or you can incorporate it into your lesson. Here are some examples:

  • Trust in God when life is messy
  • Rely on God when you feel stretched
  • When you are covered in sin, let God clean you up (reconciliation)

Consider being environmentally friendly and using biodegradable glitter. You can use whichever colors of glitter you like. Try mixing different shapes and sizes of glitter too. You can also add small shells or other "treasures".

Sea Slime Recipe



  1. Pour the glue into a bowl.
  2. Gradually add the slime activatior, mixing with your hand.
  3. Mix in the glitter.
  4. Play with it right away or put it in a mason jar for later or to take home


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