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Candy Identity Game

Candy identity game is a food guessing game. This goes really well with a lesson on identity or how we see ourselves.

If your group is small, you can let everyone play. Or you can play this as an up front game.

The discussion on this can go several ways. You can make a point about judging people by their appearances. This can also lead to a general discussion about who we are. Using Skittles can lead to the point that we are all more alike than we think.

How to Play Candy Identity Game


  • You will need some candy with similar colors but different flavors. Some suggestions:
  • Containers
  • Pencil and paper.


  1. Separate the candies by colors or almost similar colors.
  2. Give each player a pencil and paper.
  3. Put several candies in front of each player.
  4. Do not let them smell or taste the candies.
  5. Have them write down what they think the candy flavor is.
  6. Reveal their answers.
  7. Then let them taste the candies and see if they think they were right.
  8. Discuss any differences in the answers.
  9. Repeat with the remaining colors.


More Youth Ministry Games

Games are a recommended part of any youth program. Youth ministry games can be used as icebreakers to help youth get to know each other better. They can be used to foster teamwork and trust. They are a way to spend a little energy when they have been sitting to long.

Who Am I? Game

Who Am I? is a game were players are given an identity, but they don’t know what it is. Everyone else does know. So they ask each other questions to try to figure out who they are.

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