A joyful woman surrounded by light, jumping in the air. She is secure in her identity, which is the focus of this Help Me Know Who I Am Identity prayer.

Help Me Know Who I Am: An Identity Prayer

The Prayer

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Litany of Humility

Remind Me Who I Am

This Help Me Know Who I Am Identity Prayer asks God to show us how he sees us. Then confident in His love for us, we can give the glory to Him.

Help Me Know Who I Am

An Identity Prayer

Dear God,

Help me to know who I am.
Let me see myself as you see me.

As you gaze upon me
show me that you love me
in my strengths and my weaknesses.

Open my heart so I can
hear you call me
“Beloved Daughter” or
“Beloved Son”.

Then, secure in my identity,
let me act so that others
see you through me.

Rid me of the need to
draw attention to myself.
May I always point to you.

Glory to you forever.


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