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A Prayer of Human Dignity based on Psalm 8

This prayer based on Psalm 8 praises God for granting us human dignity as His children.

A Prayer of Human Dignity

Based on Psalm 8

God, your name is above all other names,
Majestic over all of the earth.
Even children know they should praise you.

For you created the heavens and the earth and all living creatures.
You set the moon and the stars in the night sky.

We are small compared to you.
Why do you care about us so much?

Even so, you have made us your sons and daughters.
We are created in your image.
You have clothed us in dignity.

Your glory shines through us.


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About the Psalms

The psalms speak from the heart. They are meant to be prayed and sung. They are also honest and full of emotions.

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