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Animal Sounds Game

This Animal Sounds game is an icebreaker. In it, each person is given the name of an animal. They must find their match by making animal sounds. A printable list of animals is included.

This will generate lots of laughs! Just make sure that your play area is safe and free of anything which people might trip over.

How to Play Animal Sounds Game


  • Slips of paper with animals sounds. (See the printable copy below.) Each card you give out must have a match, so if you have 10 players, only use 5 of the pairs.
  • One blindfold per person.


  1. Give each person a slip of paper with an animal on it. Each person must have a match! They should not reveal their animal to anyone else.
  2. Give each player a blindfold and have them put it on.
  3. They should try to find their matching animal by making the sound that animal makes. When they find someone making the same animal sound, they should not say the animal name. Instead they should raise their hands.
  4. When a pair has hands raised, you should check their slips of paper to see if they are really a match. If they are, they may remove their blindfolds and go to the side of the play area. If they are not a match, tell them that they are not the same animal and have them try again.

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Games are a recommended part of any youth program. Youth ministry games can be used as icebreakers to help youth get to know each other better. They can be used to foster teamwork and trust. They are a way to spend a little energy when they have been sitting to long.

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