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Sheep and Goats Game

This sheep and goats game would be a fun warm up for a lesson on the Judgement of the Nations or on the Corporal Works of Mercy.

How to Play Sheep and Goats Game


  • about 20 blue balloons and 20 orange balloons
  • masking tape


Blow up the balloons ahead of time.

Divide the group into two teams. Make a line with masking tape between the two teams.

Explain that the blue balloons are “sheep” and the orange balloons are “goats”. Put an equal number of sheep and goats on either side of the line.

The goal of the game is for a team to have more sheep than goats on their side of the room when time is up.

On “go” they start moving goats to the opposite side of the room and sheep to their own side.

Play ends when one team has only sheep on their side or call it off after a set amount of time.


If necessary, explain to the group beforehand that this is a “non-contact” game. Rough play will result in a penalty, such as having to sit out.

They may decide to use balloon popping as a strategy. You can decide if you want to outlaw this or not.

Sheep or Goat Corporal Works of Mercy Lesson Plan

Sheep or Goat? A Corporal Works of Mercy Lesson Plan

This Corporal Works of Mercy lesson plan will help youth think about what it means to be a sheep or a goat when Jesus describes the judgement of the nations.

Feed My Sheep Lesson Plan on Service

Feed My Sheep: A Lesson Plan on Service

This Feed My Sheep lesson plan on service will help youth understand that we are all called to care for each other. Christian service involves sacrifice, but Jesus is there to strengthen us.

Elbow Balloon Pass Game

This is a balloon game which teaches teamwork. This is a cooperative rather than competitive game.

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