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Unlock Your Future Game

This game involves combination locks and will require youth to work together as a team to unlock them. They will have to practice some patience!

How to Play the Unlock Your Future Game



  1. Put a different colored sticker on each lock.
  2. Write down the correct combination for each lock on an index card with a matching colored sticker. Put this aside. You probably won't need it unless they get really stuck on one of their locks.
  3. Put the numbers in the combination for each lock on a separate index card and put a matching colored sticker on it. So if the red lock has four numbers on it, you will have four index cards with red stickers on them, each with one of the numbers in the combination.
  4. Hide the locks and the index cards around your meeting space.
  5. When the teens arrive, divide them into teams. Assign each team a color so they know which index cards and lock their team is looking for.
  6. Explain that they will have to find the cards with the numbers and the lock. They will have to try the numbers in different combinations to unlock the lock.
  7. The first team to successfully unlock the lock wins.


To make the game more like a scavenger hunt, give the teams more than one lock to decode. Put a clue to where the next lock is and the numbers for it into a container they can open after decoding the first lock. You can string several in sequence this way.

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Printable Copy of Unlock Your Future Game

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Create an Escape Room
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Create an Escape Room

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Bible Scavenger Hunt
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Bible Scavenger Hunt

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Sacrament Scavenger Hunt
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Sacrament Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt introduces some of the symbols and concepts of the sacraments in a fun way. Hide various sacrament related items around your meeting space or grounds. Here is a list and some tips.

Tick-Tock the Crocodile Hunt Game

Tick-Tock the Crocodile Hunt game is a very simple small group indoor game for a pirate themed Vacation Bible School or camp. It works best with eight or fewer players. In this game one of the players (Captain Hook), hunts for a ticking crocodile.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Doing an outdoor scavenger hunt will help youth really explore the world around them while they are walking. This post suggests doing it while hiking, but you can also do it on your church grounds or at a park. It includes a suggested list in printable format.

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