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Cups and Downs Game

Cups and downs game is a fast paced energizer where one team tries to get cups turned right side up while the other team tries to turn them upside down.

How to Play Cups and Downs Game


  • About two dozen plastic cups, more for a larger group


  1. Divide the group into two teams of equal size.
  2. Tell one team that they are the “up” team. Tell the other team that they are the “down” team.
  3. Place all of the plastic cups on their sides in the play area. Spread them out so there is room for the players to get to them. More space is better.
  4. On go, have the teams start turning the cups right side up or upside down. The “up” team is trying to get all of the cups right side up. The “down” team is trying to get all of the cups upside down.
  5. The play ends when the leader determines that time is up. At that point, the team which has more cups in their position wins.

As an alternative, you can say that play ends when one team has all of their cups in the correct position.

Video Version

See and hear the instructions in video format.

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