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Winter Family Activities for the Outdoors

Connecting Winter Family Activities with Faith

Winter family activities help us appreciate the beautiful world God made for us. We should enjoy it together even when it is cold! So do something outdoors as a family. Some ideas require snow, but others do not.

After the activity, talk about how God has provided the outdoors for us as our own playground. And he has provided so many other things for us also, including the gift of Jesus!

These are some of our favorite outdoor winter family activities. Add your own to the comments below.

Outdoor Activities with the Family

Build a Snowman

If you have snow and it is a good packing snow, then build a snowman! We always build our snowmen in our front yard so they can give a friendly wave to neighbors going down the street.

Go on a Hike

Try a trail you haven't hiked before. Even urban areas have parks with nice trails. Choose an appropriate trail for your family. A one mile trail is great for younger children, while a 3 mile trail would be more appropriate for older kids.

Go Sledding

This one also requires snow, but if you have it family sledding can be great fun.  Just scope out the area beforehand and make sure it isn't too crowded. Once again, remember to choose a hill which is appropriate for the ages in your family.

Go Geocaching

Geocaching is a relatively new sport. Caches are hidden all over the place. You locate them by their GPS coordinates. There is some searching involved because they are usually hidden so you have to search for them a little. Go to and find caches in your area. Then use a GPS unit to locate them. If you don't have a standalone GPS unit, you can get inexpensive apps to help you with this for most smartphones. Geocaching is called a "global game of hide and seek" and many families find it a great way to get out and explore areas they might not otherwise visit.

Other Resources

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