I Gotta Go Game for Youth Ministry

This game is really funny and teens love it. It looks like a kid trying to get to the bathroom “in time”.

Use it for fun or with a youth group meeting focused on babies or pro-life issues or even Advent or Christmas.

How to Play I Gotta Go Game for Youth Ministry



  1. Divide the youth into two (or more) teams, about 6 to 8 players per team.
  2. Give each youth one ping pong ball. There should be an equal number per side, so some youth might get two.
  3. Have each team line up about 10 feet from their jars or buckets
  4. Each youth on the team must place the ping pong ball between their knees and “race” holding the ball in place until they get to their jar. If they lose the ball they must go back to the start.
  5. The youth must drop their ball into the bucket or jar. If they miss, they take their ball and go to the end of the line for their team.
  6. The first team to get all of their balls in the jar wins.






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