This icebreaker game for teens or tweens helps them learn what they have in common. It is a good getting to know you game because the groups change each round.


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  1. The leader calls out a number. The players need to arrange themselves in groups of that number. Numbers between 3 and 6 work well, but you can throw in the occasional extreme.
  2. The players have 15 seconds to come up with something concrete and definite they all have in common (everyone has shoes that tie, they all have 3 siblings, they are all in the same grade, etc.)
  3. After 15 seconds – no talking!
  4. Each group then says one at a time what they had in common.
  5. If the group meets the following criteria, then everyone in the group gets a point:
    • They must have the correct number of people in their group. This is going to eliminate a few almost every round because there are always going to be a few leftover when dividing by the number.
    • They must not have talked after the 15 seconds was up
    • They cannot have the same answer as a group that answered before them, either in this round or a previous round
    • The thing they have in common must be concrete and verifiable – nothing like “we all like the color yellow” or “we all want to fly to the moon”
    • They must have an answer. “No answer” is not an answer.
    • They must all actually share the thing in common. Sometimes a quiet person doesn’t speak up and the others assume he or she agrees.

Continue playing. At the end, the person with the most points wins.

If you have a large enough group, make the rule that the group must not have any two people who were together in the round immediately preceding it. This keeps them from only grouping with their best friends.






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