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Sleeping Conductor Game

Sleeping Conductor is a fun and interactive game that can be seamlessly integrated into youth group sessions or Vacation Bible School. This game not only encourages observation and critical thinking but also explores themes found within Scripture, fostering a deeper understanding of trust and discernment. Let’s explore how this game can enhance your youth ministry and empower young participants.

To play Sleeping Conductor, all you need is a small piece of paper as the ticket and a group of enthusiastic participants. It is a versatile game that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors, making it suitable for various settings. Whether used as a warm-up or a refreshing break during a meeting, this game adds a touch of excitement and engagement to your youth ministry activities.

he game begins by selecting a conductor from the group. The conductor takes a seat on the floor while the remaining players gather around in a circle. The conductor holds the ticket and pretends to fall asleep by closing their eyes and resting their head.

While the conductor is “sleeping,” one player quietly approaches and steals the ticket, hiding it from view. Once the ticket is hidden, the conductor wakes up and must rely on their observational skills to identify the ticket thief within three guesses.

If the conductor successfully identifies the thief, the person who took the ticket becomes the new conductor, continuing the game for subsequent rounds.

Youth Ministry Connections for Sleeping Conductor Game

“Sleeping Conductor” not only offers an enjoyable experience but also facilitates meaningful discussions centered around important themes found within Scripture. Let’s explore some of these connections:


The game encourages participants to develop their powers of discernment and wisdom. By observing the actions and behavior of their peers, players must make informed decisions to identify the ticket thief. This ability to discern is crucial for navigating life’s challenges, making wise choices, and recognizing God’s guidance.

Scripture Connection: In 1 Kings 3:9, King Solomon seeks wisdom and understanding, saying, “So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.” Sleeping Conductor aligns with this scriptural call to seek wisdom and understand God’s path for our lives.

Honesty and Integrity

The game provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of honesty and integrity in our actions. When the conductor attempts to identify the ticket thief, it reinforces the consequences of dishonesty and the value of making choices that align with our faith.

Scripture Connection: 2 Corinthians 8:21 reminds us that “For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man.” By exploring this theme within the game, participants can engage in conversations about the significance of living with integrity as followers of Christ.

Being Awake and Ready for the Lord

Sleeping Conductor also provides an opportunity to explore the theme of being awake and ready for the Lord’s call in our lives. As the conductor pretends to sleep, it serves as a reminder that in our spiritual journey, we should remain attentive and prepared for God’s guidance and direction.

Scripture Connection: Matthew 24:42 encourages us to “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” Just as the conductor wakes up and actively engages in identifying the ticket thief, we are called to stay spiritually awake, eagerly awaiting the Lord’s presence and following His will.

How to Play the Sleeping Conductor Game


  • Small pieces of paper (index cards or cut-out squares)


  1. Bring together the group of youth participants and ensure that everyone is ready to engage in the game.
  2. Select one participant to be the conductor for the first round. The conductor will have the initial responsibility of holding the ticket and attempting to identify the ticket thief.
  3. Arrange the remaining participants in a circle around the conductor. Ensure that there is enough space for the conductor to comfortably sit on the floor.
  4. Explain the rules and objectives of the game to all participants. Emphasize that the conductor will “fall asleep” while the others attempt to steal the ticket without being noticed.
  5. Give the conductor a small piece of paper (or index card) to serve as the ticket.
  6. Instruct the conductor to close their eyes and pretend to fall asleep, positioning themselves comfortably on the floor. Encourage the conductor to remain still and avoid peeking.
  7. While the conductor is “asleep,” one participant should quietly approach and take the ticket from the conductor’s hand or vicinity without being detected.
  8. Instruct the participant who took the ticket to hide it discreetly, ensuring that it is not visible to the conductor or other participants.
  9. After the ticket has been stolen and hidden, signal the conductor to wake up. The conductor should open their eyes and assume an alert posture.
  10. The conductor now has three chances to guess who stole the ticket. Encourage the conductor to observe the actions and behavior of the participants to make an informed guess.
  11. If the conductor successfully identifies the ticket thief within three guesses, the identified participant becomes the new conductor for the next round. If the conductor fails to guess correctly, the same conductor continues for another round.
  12. Repeat the game for as many rounds as desired, allowing different participants to take turns as conductors and thieves.

Note: Ensure that the game is played in a respectful and inclusive manner, promoting a positive and encouraging environment for all participants.

Sleeping Conductor is a dynamic game that promotes observation, trust, and critical thinking skills among youth participants. Enjoy the game, encourage open discussions, and foster a sense of unity and growth within your youth ministry activities.

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Game On: Why Games are Essential in Youth Ministry

Games like Sleeping Conductor are vital for youth ministry as they foster community, teach valuable skills, and promote spiritual growth in teenagers. They provide a safe and fun environment for teens to connect, learn lessons, and grow in their faith. Through these games, youth build relationships and develop important abilities such as observation, trust, critical thinking, and decision-making. Additionally, discussions tied to scriptural themes deepen their understanding of beliefs and their practical application. Overall, games in youth ministry offer a holistic approach to community-building, skill development, and spiritual growth among teenagers.

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