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Planet Pickup Game

Planet Pickup is an active game. Players must grab a planet and get it into orbit. It can be played just for fun or there is a competitive option with teams.

This game would go well with a space themed Vacation Bible School or activity, such as Stellar VBS.

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How to Play Planet Pickup Game


  • Assorted balls such as playground balls, soccer balls, beach balls - you will need one for each player
  • Something to represent the sun, such as a sun made of poster board, a hula hoop, a piece of yellow fabric


  1. Scatter the balls around the play area. Explain that these are planets and you need to get them into orbit around the sun. Point out the object which represents the sun.
  2. On go, have each child run and pick up a ball.
  3. When they have a ball, they run around the sun.
  4. Once everyone is in orbit, you can scatter the balls and play again.

Competitive Option

Divide the group into two teams. Have two separate suns, one for each team. The first team to get their entire group into orbit, scores a point.

Even More Competitive Option

Play musical chairs style. Have one less ball than the number of players. Whoever doesn't get a ball is out. Repeat, removing another ball. Play until one team no longer has any members in the game. The other team wins.

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