Crown the King (VBS Game or Youth Ministry Game)

About Crown the King Youth Ministry Game

Or maybe it should be called “Uncrown the King” because the goal is to knock off other player’s crowns and keep your own.

Crown the King is an active game, so it is best played outdoors, in a gym, or in a meeting room with some open space.

For the crowns, you can try to get some from your local Burger King, make your own from construction paper, or purchase an inexpensive set of paper crowns.

How to Play Crown the King


  • pool noodles, cut in half so they are shorter (one half noodle per player)
  • paper crowns (one per player)


  1. Give each player a crown and half a pool noodle. They should put the crowns on their heads, loosely enough that they can be knocked off.
  2. Remind the players that this is a game and not to hit each other full force with the noodles. It should be more of a brush or a tap.
  3. When you say go, players use the noodles to try to get the crowns off of each others heads.
  4. Once a player looses his or her crown they are out and cannot “attack” anyone else.
  5. Last person with a crown wins.

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This is another game involving pool noodles. This one involves balloons instead of crowns.

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