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Presentation of the Lord Crossword Puzzle

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord commemorates when Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Jerusalem to be consecrated. There they met Simeon and Anna who blessed the child and prophesied about him.

Use this Presentation of the Lord crossword puzzle to reinforce the main characters and ideas in the gospel for this day. The printable crossword can be used with youth ministry or children's Liturgy of the Word or a Sunday School lesson.

There are two versions of the crossword puzzle for you to download below. Both include the puzzle and the clues.

  • One also includes a list of the words used. These can serve as hints, especially for younger children.
  • The other version just has the crossword puzzle and clues.
  • A key is also provided.
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Download the printable Presentation of the Lord crossword puzzles below

Click on the image to download a printable PDF copy of the Presentation of the Lord crossword puzzle or key.

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    Tonina Fiorentino

    I love this Site. It helps with RCIA what a great way to make it easy for Adults entering into our faith. Nothing like learning like a child.....

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