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Sacrament Scavenger Hunt for Youth Ministry or VBS

This scavenger hunt introduces some of the symbols and concepts of the sacraments in a fun way. Hide various sacrament related items around your meeting space or grounds. Here is a list and some tips.

Some of the items are directly related to sacraments. Others are more “fun” to start up a conversation. Use whatever you feel is best for your group and meeting. These are just ideas. Add your own also.

List of Suggested Items for Sacrament Scavenger Hunt

  • A cup of water (Baptism)
  • A baptismal candle (Baptism)
  • An eraser – this “big mistake” eraser is a good choice (Reconciliation)
  • A purple stole (Reconciliation)
  • An energy bar (Eucharist)
  • A chalice (Eucharist)
  • A toy dove (Confirmation)
  • A bottle of chrism (Confirmation)
  • A bottle of super glue (Matrimony)
  • A wedding ring – use a toy ring if you don’t want to use a real one (Matrimony)
  • A drawing of your pastor (Holy Orders)
  • A priest’s vestment (Holy Orders)
  • A bandaid (Anointing of the Sick)
  • A prayer book (Anointing of the Sick)

Tips for the Sacrament Scavenger Hunt

  • Have lists of the items to find printed out.
  • You only need one of each item. When they find it, they should mark their list and leave it where it is.
  • Put a stamp or some stickers near each item. When they find it, they can use that to mark the list and prove that they found it.
  • Clearly define the boundaries of the hunt.
  • If the area is large, put the youth in teams of two or more. Have adults stationed around to keep an eye on things.

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