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Ah So Co Game

This Ah So Co game is a fast paced circle game. Use it for your youth ministry, VBS, or camp. It works well for six or more players. This energizer is all about following directions. It is also about saying and doing the right thing at the right time.

How to Play Ah So Co Game


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  1. Have the players form a circle. If social distancing, they should stand six feet from each other.
  2. The first player says "Ah". While doing this, he (or she) puts his left hand over his head in a half circle with the pointer finger pointing to someone.
  3. The person who was pointed to says "So" while putting his right hand over his head and pointing to someone.
  4. That person who was pointed to say "Co" while putting both his arms straight out, pointing with both pointer fingers together. (Think Charlie's Angels if that helps!)
  5. That person starts over with "Ah".
  6. If any of the following happens, the person making the mistake is "out" and must step out of the circle:
    1. They say the wrong word. For instance they say Co after Ah
    2. They do the wrong gesture
  7. When someone messes up, the whole group - whether still in the circle or not - calls out a phrase. Use something related to your meeting's theme or just make up something silly like "Zip Zap!"
Party Circle Icebreaker
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