Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.

Sir Walter Scott

This game (sometimes called “spider web”) uses a ball of string to create a tangled mess. It is often used as an icebreaker. It can also be used as an example of how sin can create a tangled mess in our lives.


  • a ball of string or yarn


  1. Have the group sit in a circle.
  2. Ask a question. This can be an icebreaker question like “Who has a sister?” “What is your favorite color?” “Do you like spinach?”
  3. If the any of the players have an answer, they raise their hand.
  4. The ball of string gets tossed to each player with an answer in turn. They catch it and give their answer.
  5. After answering, they keep hold of their part of the string and toss the ball to the next player with an answer.
  6. Variation: Players may lie. If a player gets caught in a lie, they must let go of all of their string. It will fall to the ground and make things a little messier. It will also impact the strings of the people around them.
  7. When each player is holding a piece of the string, reverse the process. They should toss the ball back to another player to try to undo the web.
  8. The game ends when the web is cleaned up or when the players have made such a mess that it can’t be undone.






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