About Family Circle Icebreaker

Family Circle is a game which works well as an icebreaker or for a lesson about relationships. It also makes sense for a meeting about human dignity. We are all members of God’s family.

Family Circle game is best for about 15 players and is age appropriate for middle school or high school youth ministry.

How to Play Family Circle


  • slips of paper
  • pencils or pens
  • large bowl


  1. Have the group sit in a large circle with some space between people.
  2. Give each player a slip of paper and a pencil.
  3. Choose one category (such as food, movie, book, etc) and have each player write down their favorite thing in that category on the slip of paper. “My favorite _________ is _________”. The also write their name.
  4. Collect the answers and mix them up in the bowl.
  5. Read each slip of paper except for the name. So you are reading the category and the favorite. Read all of them, one right after another.
  6. Choose somebody to be the “head of the household” (HOH).
  7. The HOH chooses another player and asks them if their favorite __________ was ____________.
  8. If the HOH made a correct guess, then that person joins the HOH’s family (by sitting next to them). Then the HOH can guess another person’s favorite.
  9. If the HOH made an incorrect guess, then the person who was asked the question becomes the new HOH and the old HOH and his/her entire family becomes part of the new HOH’s family. then the new HOH gets to start making guesses.
  10. The game ends when the whole group is in one big family.
  • The list of favorites is read only once. After that, players must rely on memory.
  • The HOH may ask his or her family members for help in deciding on the next guess.

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