Fruit Salad Game

Apples, oranges, grapes, and bananas made into a fruit salad. This fruit salad game carries out this concept with people.

Fruit Salad Game

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This is an easy no-prep circle game for youth ministry, Vacation Bible School (VBS), church camp, or religious ed. It could be used for a lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit or to accompany discussion about “bearing good fruit”.

Fruit Salad Game


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  1. Have the group sit in a circle.
  2. Assign each player to be an apple, orange, banana, or grape.
  3. Have one person start in the middle of the circle. He or she calls out one of the fruits.
  4. Everyone who is that fruit must get out of their seats and find a different seat.
    1. The person in the middle will also try to take one of the seats.
    2. They cannot change seats with a person directly next to them.
  5. Whoever doesn’t find a seat is now in the middle and will call out the next fruit.
  6. Instead of calling out one of the fruits, the person in the middle can call out “fruit salad”. In this case, everyone must find a new seat.

Video Instructions for Fruit Salad Game

See a video description of how to play Fruit Salad Game.

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This icebreaker is part name game and part Duck Duck Goose. There is a lot of handshaking or waving and introductions going on, so this game would be a good youth group activity for a meeting with new members.

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Games are a recommended part of any youth program. Youth ministry games can be used as icebreakers to help youth get to know each other better. They can be used to foster teamwork and trust. They are a way to spend a little energy when they have been sitting to long.






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