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Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

Friday May 17, 2024

Daily Mass Readings for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

  • First Reading - Acts 25:13b-21: King Agrippa and Bernice visit Festus in Caesarea, where Festus refers Paul's case to the king due to religious disputes, but when faced with a dilemma in investigating the matter, Festus suggests sending Paul to stand trial in Jerusalem, yet Paul appeals to be held for the Emperor's decision and is ordered to be held until he can be sent to Caesar.
  • Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 103: Bless the LORD, for his kindness knows no bounds and he reigns over all with his heavenly throne, praised by angels who carry out his will.
  • Gospel - John 21:15-19: Jesus appears to His disciples after His resurrection and asks Peter three times if he loves Him, instructing him to feed and tend to His sheep. Jesus also foretells Peter's future martyrdom and emphasizes the importance of following Him faithfully.

Themes for the Daily Mass Readings for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

  • Love: Jesus asks Peter, "Do you love me?" and Peter responds, "Yes, Lord, you know that I love you." Through this dialogue, Jesus emphasizes the importance of love as the foundation of discipleship. Jesus not only challenges Peter to examine and affirm his love for Him but also instructs Peter to express his love through the care of Jesus' followers.
  • Repentance and Restoration: Prior to Jesus' crucifixion, Peter had denied Jesus three times, and this conversation serves as a moment of restoration and forgiveness. By asking Peter three times if he loves Him, Jesus provides an opportunity for Peter to express his love and reaffirm his commitment, effectively counterbalancing his previous denials. This interaction highlights the power of repentance and the ability for individuals to find forgiveness and restoration through Christ's love and grace.
  • The Primacy of Peter: Jesus specifically singles out Peter for the conversation. He addresses him by name and asks him the questions about love and discipleship. By giving Peter this individual attention, Jesus indicates a unique relationship and role for Peter among the disciples. Furthermore, Jesus commissions Peter to "feed" and "tend" His sheep, symbolizing the care and guidance of the early Christian community. This responsibility indicates a position of leadership and authority given to Peter.
  • Sacrifice and Martyrdom: In the concluding part of the passage, Jesus foretells Peter's future and hints at the sacrifice he will make for the sake of the Gospel. Jesus says, "When you were younger, you used to fasten your own belt and go wherever you wished. But when you grow old, you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will fasten a belt around you and take you where you do not wish to go." This statement is believed to allude to Peter's eventual martyrdom for his faith. This theme underscores the cost and commitment required of discipleship and highlights the challenges and sacrifices that may arise on the journey of following Jesus.

Thoughts for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

The Gospel for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter from John 21:15-19 reveals a profound encounter between Jesus and Peter after His resurrection. It presents a beautiful narrative that resonates with the core teachings of the Catholic faith. This passage invites us to reflect on the themes of love, restoration, and service, which are fundamental to our spiritual journey as followers of Christ.

In this conversation, Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves Him. The repetition highlights the importance of love as the cornerstone of our relationship with Christ. Love is not a mere sentiment but an active commitment that drives our actions. We are called to love Jesus not only with our words but also with our deeds. By examining our hearts and affirming our love for Him, we open ourselves to a deeper communion with Christ and a transformative encounter with His love.

Peter, burdened by his previous denials, experiences the profound grace of restoration and forgiveness. Jesus, in His mercy, provides Peter an opportunity to reaffirm his commitment and repent for his past mistakes. This encounter reminds us of the power of Christ's forgiveness in our own lives. No matter how far we may have strayed, Jesus lovingly extends His hand to restore us, inviting us to embrace the sacrament of reconciliation and experience His healing mercy.

Following Peter's confession of love, Jesus entrusts him with a special mission: to care for His followers. The call to "feed my lambs," "tend my sheep," and "feed my sheep" signifies Peter's role as a shepherd and leader within the early Christian community. As Catholics, we are called to emulate Peter's example of discipleship and service. We are called to nourish and guide others in their faith journey, to care for the spiritual well-being of our brothers and sisters, and to be instruments of Christ's love and mercy in the world.

In the final part of the passage, Jesus foreshadows Peter's future sacrifice and martyrdom. This reminder invites us to reflect on the cost of discipleship and the radical commitment required to follow Christ wholeheartedly. As Catholics, we are called to take up our crosses daily and follow Him. It may require us to step out of our comfort zones, endure hardships, and even lay down our lives for the sake of the Gospel. Yet, in embracing this sacrificial path, we discover the true meaning of discipleship and the eternal reward that awaits us.

The Gospel passage from John 21:15-19 presents an invitation to embrace love, restoration, and service in our lives. Through this reflection, we are reminded of the power of Christ's love and forgiveness, the call to discipleship and service within our faith communities, and the sacrificial commitment required of us as followers of Christ. May we open our hearts to the divine invitation, allowing these themes to shape and guide our lives as we strive to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, our loving Lord and Savior.

Prayer for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

Heavenly Father, grant us the grace to love You wholeheartedly, seeking reconciliation and forgiveness when we falter, and empowering us to embrace the call of discipleship and sacrificial service in the footsteps of Your Son, Jesus Christ. May our lives be a testament to Your love, mercy, and the power of faith. Amen.

Homilies and Reflections for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

Word on Fire: Repentance, Love, and Discipleship in Christianity

In this reflection by Bishop Robert Barron for Friday of the 7th week of Easter, the focus is on Peter's profound meeting with the risen Jesus, revealing the significance of repentance, the call to love and serve, and the essential role of discipleship. The reflection underscores that Christianity is not merely a collection of principles, but a deeply personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

USCCB Reflection: Nurturing a Prayerful Life

In this USCCB video reflection for Friday of the 7th week of Easter, we are reminded of the often neglected aspect of Christian prayer. It highlights the importance of blessing God, expressing gratitude for His abundant gifts, and overcoming the obstacles of busyness and distractions to nurture a prayerful life. Through prayer, we can deepen our knowledge of God, listen to His voice, and experience His mercy and love, ultimately fulfilling our purpose of wholeheartedly praising and blessing Him.

Frequently Asked Questions for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter

What date is Friday of the 7th Week of Easter?

The upcoming dates are

  • May 17, 2024

What are the Mass readings for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter?

First Reading - Acts 25:13b-21: Paul's Case Referred to King Agrippa: Accusations, Religious Disputes, and the Appeal for Caesar's Decision
Responsorial Psalm - Psalm 103: Bless the LORD: Praise for His Kindness and Forgiveness
Gospel John 21:15-19: Jesus' Restoration and Commissioning of Peter
See the readings section of this page for a longer summary of these readings for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter and links to the readings.

What are the themes for the Mass readings for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter?

Repentance and Restoration
The Primacy of Peter
Sacrifice and Martyrdom
See the themes section of this page for an expansion on these themes for Friday of the 7th Week of Easter. A reflection, prayer, and homily links are also available.

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