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Shepherd's Voice Game

This game helps youth understand the importance of listening. Each group of sheep must listen to their shepherd's voice and follow it. It also goes well with a lesson on sticking together in community. The group of sheep will find it easier to get home if they stay together. This game would be appropriate for youth ministry, vacation bible school (VBS), or church camp.

How to Play Shepherd's Voice Game


  • blindfolds

Instructions for Shepherd's Voice Game

  1. Divide into groups of four or five.
  2. Designate one person in each group as the shepherd.
  3. Have the shepherds stand at one end of the play area.
  4. Have the rest of the groups gather at the other end of the play area. These are the sheep. They should be blindfolded.
  5. Sheep from the same group may hold hands to keep together.
  6. The shepherds call their own group of sheep toward them.
  7. The first group of sheep to gather around their own shepherd wins.

Red Light Green Light

This classic playground game is also good for teaching listening skills. It is simple and requires no preparation or materials.

Feed My Sheep Lesson Plan on Service
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Feed My Sheep: A Lesson Plan on Service

This Feed My Sheep lesson plan on service will help youth understand that we are all called to care for each other. Christian service involves sacrifice, but Jesus is there to strengthen us.

I Hear My Shepherd A Lesson Plan on Listening to God
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I Hear My Shepherd – A Lesson Plan on Listening to God

This I Hear My Shepherd lesson plan on listening to God will help youth understand that we need to put some effort into listening to God. We won’t be able to hear him if there are a lot of distractions in our lives. Youth will also learn how the Examen can be used to listen to God.


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