In this game, players put their hands in a box of unknown substance to find coins. It is a test of if they can overcome their fear of what they might be touching. Be prepared for some funny reactions! There are also some reflection questions at the end.

The instructions are for your group to be divided into teams of five. Each team will have it’s own box with five coins to find. So if you have 15 youth, you will need 3 boxes. But you can adjust by putting six coins in each box and having teams of six. Or you can make this an “up front” game and just choose five youth to search a single box.

You will need to gather the materials ahead of time. Layer them in the boxes before the meeting.

Materials (1 set for each group of five)

  • 1 plastic tote – should NOT be clear
  • 1 lb spaghetti, cooked according to package directions
  • Several 3oz boxes of pudding, prepared in advance
  • 1 bag circus peanuts or other squishy candy
  • Any other gross feeling items you can come up with
  • Potting soil
  • 5 coins


  1. Put the coins in the bottom of each plastic tote. Add the spaghetti, followed by the pudding, candy, and anything else you want. Cover with several inches of potting soil.
  2. Tell the youth that they are going to have to find coins in the boxes. Don’t mention that there is something under the soil.
  3. On your go, have the first youth from each team reach in and find the first coin. When they find it, the next member of the team proceeds until all coins have been found.
  4. Each team member must look for at least 30 seconds (or they might just refuse to reach in for 30 seconds). After that they can pass to the next team member if they want.
  5. The first team to find all five items wins.
  6. Everyone will probably need to wash their hands. 🙂

Small Group Discussion

  • How did you feel when you stuck your hand in and tried to find the coin?
  • Were you worried when the people ahead of you were looking and you saw their reaction?
  • Name one thing in life you fear. Why do you fear it?
  • How can God and your faith help you overcome your fears?






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