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Fearful Finds Relay

This Fearful Finds relay game challenges players to overcome their fear of unknown substances by reaching into a box to find hidden coins. Hilarity may ensue from their reactions to the unusual textures within the box. Reflection questions at the end allow players to delve into their personal fears.

To set up the game, divide the group into teams of five, with each team assigned a box containing five coins to find. Adjustments can be made for different group sizes, such as adding more coins or decreasing the number of teams. Alternatively, the game can be simplified by selecting a few players to search a single box.

To prepare for the Fearful Finds relay game, gather the materials in advance and layer them within the boxes before the start of the meeting.

How to Play Fearful Finds Relay

Objective: The objective of the game is for teams to locate and collect all five coins hidden within a container filled with various “gross” feeling substances, while overcoming any feelings of discomfort or fear that may arise during the search. Through the game and subsequent discussion, players will explore their personal fears and how their faith can help them when they are fearful.

Supplies (1 set per group of five)

  • 1 plastic container (not clear)
  • 1 pound of cooked spaghetti
  • Several 3oz boxes pudding, prepared according to instructions
  • 1 bag of circus peanuts or other soft candy
  • Additional items to add to the container to create a “gross” feeling
  • Potting soil
  • 5 coins


  1. Place 5 coins in the bottom of each plastic container. Layer the spaghetti, pudding, candy, and any other items you desire on top of the coins. Cover with a few inches of potting soil.
  2. Inform the youth that they will need to find the coins in the containers, without disclosing that there are additional items hidden under the soil.
  3. When ready, instruct the first team member to reach into the container and locate the first coin. Once found, the next team member can proceed until all coins have been discovered.
  4. Each team member must search for at least 30 seconds before passing the container to the next person.
  5. The first team to find all five coins is the winner.
  6. It is recommended that everyone wash their hands afterwards.

Small Group Discussion

  1. How did you feel when you reached into the container to search for the coin?
  2. Did you feel anxious or nervous when you saw the reactions of the people ahead of you?
  3. Name one thing that you are afraid of in life and explain why.
  4. How can your faith and belief in God help you to overcome your fears?

Printable Copy of Fearful Finds Relay Game

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