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Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Daily Mass Readings for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Cycle 1 is used in odd numbered years and Cycle 2 is used in even numbered years. The gospel is the same for both years.

  • First Reading (Cycle 1) – Genesis 32:23-33: Jacob wrestles a mysterious man all night, who renames him Israel, marking his struggles with both divine and human beings. Having seen God, Jacob limps away at sunrise.
  • First Reading (Cycle 2) – Hosea 8:4-7, 11-13: Kings and idols made without God’s approval lead to destruction. Sowing wind reaps whirlwind, and misguided sacrifices do not please the Lord. Their guilt remembered, they will return to Egypt.
  • Responsorial Psalm (Cycle 1) – Psalm 17: Hear my just plea, Lord. Though tested by fire, no malice is found in me. Answer my call, show your mercy, and hide me in your shadow. In justice, I’ll see your face and wake content in your presence.
  • Responsorial Psalm (Cycle 2) – Psalm 115: God, in heaven, does as he wills. Idols, made of silver and gold by humans, can’t speak, see, hear, feel, or walk. Those who trust in them will become just as inert.
  • GospelMatthew 9:32-38: Jesus heals a man possessed by a demon, causing the crowds to marvel. However, the Pharisees accuse Him of casting out demons by the power of the prince of demons. Jesus continues His ministry of teaching, preaching, and healing, moved with compassion for the crowds who were like sheep without a shepherd. He urges His disciples to pray for more workers to bring the message of the kingdom to those in need.

Themes for the Daily Mass Readings for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

  • Demonization and Healing: The passage describes Jesus healing a demon-possessed man who was mute, illustrating His authority over demonic forces and His ability to bring about healing and restoration.
  • Witness and Proclamation: The crowd’s response to witnessing the healing is filled with astonishment, recognizing Jesus’ power and authority. However, Jesus instructs them not to spread the news, perhaps to prevent the focus on miracles rather than His message of salvation.
  • Compassion for the Multitudes: Jesus is moved with compassion when He sees the crowds, recognizing their spiritual need and their vulnerability, highlighting His heart for those who are lost and in need of a shepherd.
  • The Laborers for the Harvest: Jesus encourages His disciples to pray for laborers to be sent into the harvest, emphasizing the need for workers who will share the message of the Kingdom of God and bring people into a relationship with Him.
  • Jesus’ Mission and Purpose: Jesus declares that He has come to call sinners to repentance, emphasizing His mission to seek and save the lost, and His desire for all to experience the transformative power of His grace.
  • The Abundance of the Harvest: Jesus compares the harvest of souls to a plentiful crop, underscoring the abundance of people who are in need of the gospel message and the urgency to bring them into God’s kingdom.

Thoughts for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

In the gospel for Tuesday of the 14th week in Ordinary Time, we witness Jesus’s continuous ministry of healing and teaching. A man who was demon-possessed and unable to speak is brought to Jesus, and with the driving out of the demon, the man is able to speak again. The crowd marvels at this miraculous healing, recognizing it as something unprecedented.

However, the Pharisees respond with skepticism, attributing Jesus’s power to drive out demons to the prince of demons. Despite their criticism, Jesus remains steadfast in his mission. He goes through towns and villages, teaching in synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness.

As Jesus sees the crowds, he is moved with compassion. He recognizes their plight, describing them as harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. In response to their need, he shares with his disciples the urgency of the situation. The harvest is plentiful, symbolizing the spiritual needs of the people, but the workers are few. Jesus urges his disciples to pray for more workers to be sent into the harvest field.

This passage reveals Jesus’s unwavering commitment to teaching, healing, and bringing the good news of the kingdom to those in need. Despite opposition and skepticism, he remains focused on his mission of compassion and restoration. He recognizes the immense spiritual hunger and brokenness among the people and calls for more workers to join in the harvest.

As we reflect on this passage, we are reminded of the compassion of Jesus towards humanity. He sees the struggles, pain, and confusion that people face and desires to bring healing, restoration, and guidance. Jesus’s response calls us to extend the same compassion to others, recognizing their needs and reaching out with love and support.

Additionally, this passage invites us to consider our role in the mission of Christ. The harvest is plentiful, signifying the vast spiritual needs of the world. Jesus calls us to be workers in his harvest field, sharing the good news, offering healing and hope to those who are lost and in need of a shepherd.

May we respond to Jesus’s call with a heart of compassion, actively engaging in the work of the kingdom, and praying for more laborers to join in bringing light, love, and healing to a world in need.

Prayer for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd and Savior of souls, we lift our voices to you on behalf of all who are afflicted and in need of your healing touch. In your boundless compassion, gather us together as your flock, guiding us with your loving care. Amen.


Homilies and Reflections for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

Word on Fire: Conversion and Mission

In this reflection for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time, Bishop Robert Barron highlights the interconnectedness of conversion and mission in the Christian life. When we encounter the beauty of divine revelation, it should lead to a transformative change in our lives and a commitment to become missionaries. Throughout the scriptural tradition, those who experience God are invariably given a commission to share their encounter and spread the message. This pattern is seen in figures like Moses, Isaiah, and Saul, who were moved to act and proclaim what they had witnessed. The beauty of God’s revelation compels us to share it with others, as it ignites a desire within us to speak of what we have seen.

USCCB Reflection: The Healing Presence of Faith

This USCCB video reflection for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time explores the story of Jesus healing a man possessed by a demon and the Pharisees’ misunderstanding of his power. It then transitions to a personal story of an elderly woman with a back problem who faithfully attended Mass every Sunday, despite her pain. The reflection highlights the woman’s strength and the impact her presence had on others, emphasizing that even when we may not fully comprehend our actions, our faithfulness and willingness to be present can bring healing and inspire others.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tuesday of the 14th Week in Ordinary Time

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