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Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

Daily Mass Readings for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

Cycle 1 is used in odd numbered years and Cycle 2 is used in even numbered years. The gospel is the same for both years.

  • First Reading (Cycle 1) – Exodus 1:8-14, 22: A new king, unaware of Joseph’s contributions, feared the growing power of the Israelites. Taskmasters oppressed them, but they continued to multiply. Pharaoh ordered male Hebrew infants to be thrown into the river.
  • First Reading (Cycle 2) – Isaiah 1:10-17: The Lord rebukes Sodom and Gomorrah for insincere sacrifices and empty rituals. Instead, He calls for justice, compassion, and a genuine desire to do good. Repent, do right, and care for the vulnerable.
  • Responsorial Psalm (Cycle 1) – Psalm 124: If the Lord had not been with Israel, enemies would have destroyed them. But God saved them from danger, as a bird is freed from a snare. Blessed be the Lord, our helper.
  • Responsorial Psalm (Cycle 2) – Psalm 50: God is not rebuking the people for their sacrifices, but for their insincere worship. Though they recite God’s laws, they reject discipline. True worship comes from a heart of praise and a willingness to follow the right path, and to those who do, God will show His saving power.
  • GospelMatthew 10:34-11:1: Jesus declares that He did not come to bring peace but a sword, as His teachings will cause divisions even within families. He challenges His disciples to prioritize their love and loyalty to Him above all else, even their own families. Jesus encourages them not to fear those who oppose them and assures them of God’s care and watchful eye. He concludes by saying that whoever acknowledges Him before others, He will acknowledge before the Father.

Themes for the Daily Mass Readings for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

  • Division and Conflict: Jesus declares that He did not come to bring peace, but a sword, indicating that His message and mission may lead to division and conflict, even within families.
  • The Cost of Discipleship: Jesus instructs His disciples that following Him requires taking up their cross, symbolizing the willingness to endure hardships and sacrifices for the sake of their faith.
  • Prioritizing God over Family: Jesus emphasizes the need for disciples to prioritize their allegiance to God over family ties, illustrating the radical commitment required to be a follower of Christ.
  • Proclaiming Jesus’ Name: Jesus encourages His disciples not to be ashamed of Him but to openly confess Him before others, highlighting the importance of boldly proclaiming their faith in Him.
  • The Reward of Hospitality: Jesus assures His disciples that anyone who receives them and their message receives Him and will receive a reward, emphasizing the significance of hospitality and acceptance of the gospel message.
  • Jesus’ Compassion and Burden for the Lost: Jesus expresses His compassion for the people, likening them to sheep without a shepherd, underscoring His desire to bring salvation and guidance to those in need.

Thoughts for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

In the gospel for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time, Jesus shares a challenging message with his disciples. He speaks about the divisive nature of his mission, explaining that his coming will not always bring peace but may cause conflicts even within families. Jesus’s teachings and presence may lead to tensions and disagreements, as some will choose to follow him wholeheartedly, while others may reject him.

He emphasizes the supreme importance of loving him above all else, even more than one’s own family. Following Jesus requires a willingness to take up one’s cross, embracing self-denial and sacrifice for his sake. In losing one’s life for the sake of Jesus, one will find true and abundant life.

Jesus also assures his disciples of the rewards for those who welcome them and their message. By welcoming Jesus’s messengers, people welcome Jesus himself and the One who sent him. Acts of kindness, even as small as offering a cup of water to a disciple, are not overlooked and will be richly rewarded.

As we reflect on this passage, we are reminded of the radical call to discipleship. Following Jesus may involve making difficult choices and sometimes facing opposition, even within our own families. Jesus challenges us to place him at the center of our lives, above all other relationships and attachments. It is a call to love and loyalty that surpasses any earthly ties.

This passage also highlights the significance of hospitality and kindness towards those who share the message of Jesus. When we welcome and support his messengers, we welcome and support Jesus himself. Our acts of kindness, no matter how small, are seen and valued by God, and they bear eternal rewards.

May this passage inspire us to embrace the cost of discipleship, loving Jesus above all else and willingly taking up our cross for his sake. Let us extend hospitality and kindness to those who proclaim the good news, recognizing that in doing so, we welcome and honor Christ himself. May we find joy in serving and sacrificing for him, knowing that our reward is secure in the hands of our loving Savior.

Prayer for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace, we seek your wisdom and guidance in understanding the challenging words you spoke about bringing a sword and not peace. Help us to comprehend the profound truth that following you might lead to divisions and conflicts even within our own families. Grant us the courage to remain steadfast in our faith, and may your love prevail in all our relationships, as we take up our crosses and follow you with unwavering devotion. Amen.


Homilies and Reflections for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

Word on Fire: Detachment and Mission

In this reflection for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time, Bishop Robert Barron explains that when we choose to follow Jesus, all other claims to supremacy must be relinquished. While we value many things in life, such as money, power, family, or our identity, these should not take the central place in our lives. Placing them at the core can lead to spiritual disarray. Jesus urges detachment from these attachments, not advocating hatred for them. Only by freeing ourselves from idolizing worldly goods can we truly prepare for our mission. Attempting to serve while holding onto these attachments will lead to failure. Therefore, true discipleship demands detachment, allowing us to fulfill our mission with dedication and focus.

USCCB Reflection: Choosing Peace through Hospitable Reception

In this USCCB video reflection for Monday of the 15th week in Ordinary Time, the message is clear: living the Gospel authentically requires a decisive commitment to be counter-cultural and stand for Christ and His Church. Real peace is interconnected with a hospitable reception of others, as we welcome and care for those who challenge, inspire, and remind us of true priorities in life. Embracing this call to hospitality, as exemplified in Matthew 25, can lead us to everlasting life with Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions for Monday of the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

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