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Invitation Relay

Invitation Relay is a game designed to mirror the essence of receiving, processing, and acting on invitations. At its core, it’s about decision-making and quick responses. In a youth ministry setting, it’s not just about racing to the finish line, but understanding the importance of the choices we make.

Youth ministries often grapple with ways to engage their members in activities that align with their teachings. This game is an ideal fit for such a scenario. It physically represents the spiritual journey of accepting God’s call, reacting to it, and moving forward. The tasks, though simple, are symbolic of life’s tasks that we undertake daily in response to various calls to action.

Moreover, the team-based nature of the game emphasizes collective responsibility. Just as each player must play their part for the team to succeed, every individual must actively participate in their spiritual journey. The relatability of the game helps in driving home this point without coming across as preachy.

Invitation Relay is more than just a fun activity; it’s a reflection of life’s journey and choices. The debrief is essential as it ties the game back to the message, making it a valuable tool for youth ministries.

How to Play Invitation Relay

Objective: To highlight the concept of receiving, accepting, and acting upon an invitation.

Materials Needed:

  • Envelopes with simple tasks written inside (e.g., “Hop on one foot,” “Name three fruits,” “Whistle a tune.”)
  • Two boxes or containers
  • A stopwatch or timer (optional)


  1. Divide the youth into two teams and have each team form a line.
  2. At the opposite end of the room, place the boxes containing the envelopes for each team.
  3. On the word “Go,” the first person from each team races to their box, takes out an envelope, opens it, and performs the task written inside.
  4. Once they complete the task, they run back and tag the next person in line.
  5. The next person repeats the process. This continues until every member of the team has had a turn.
  6. The first team to finish wins.

Note: You may optionally have a time limit. In this case, the team which completes the most invitations wins.

Debrief: Discuss the significance of the game in relation to the lesson. Just as participants had to choose to accept and act upon the invitation in the envelope, we have the choice to accept God’s invitation and act upon it in our lives. The way we respond and the actions we take, symbolized by the tasks in the envelopes, reflect our commitment and readiness.

Invitation Relay is a dynamic team-based activity designed to emphasize the importance of choices and swift actions. Through simple tasks contained in envelopes, players not only engage in a race against time but also metaphorically navigate the journey of accepting life’s invitations and challenges. In a youth ministry context, this game serves as a relatable bridge between playful interaction and understanding the spiritual significance of responding to God’s call in our lives. The game encourages reflection on personal commitments and the collective responsibility of a community.

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Invitation Relay is a lively, team-based game perfect for youth ministry gatherings. It’s not just about the fun; it beautifully encapsulates the spiritual journey of accepting and acting upon life’s challenges and calls. Looking for more engaging activities for your youth group? Dive into a diverse range of games tailored for youth ministry . Discover new ways to energize and inspire young minds while imparting valuable life lessons.

Game On: Why Games are Essential in Youth Ministry

Games like Invitation Relay play a crucial role in youth ministry. They provide an engaging platform to impart spiritual lessons in an interactive manner. By merging fun with foundational teachings, such activities facilitate better understanding and retention. Moreover, they promote teamwork, decision-making, and reflection, mirroring real-life challenges. These games not only entertain but also reinforce the ministry’s core values, making spiritual lessons more relatable and memorable for young individuals. Incorporating them into youth programs can enhance participation, understanding, and long-term spiritual growth.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Invitation Relay Game

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