Advent Stations

Advent Stations are a devotion which is similar to the Stations of the Cross. They encourage the participant to take a journey through prayer and scripture. In the case of Advent Stations we are taking a journey which shows us God’s preparation for the coming of Christ through the ages.

Each station links an old testament story with a new testament reading. There is also a prayer for each station.

This particular devotion includes seven stations:

  • The creation of Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:26-28 and Revelation 21:1-5)
  • The promise of a son to Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 18:9-11; 21:1-3 and Romans 9:1-9)
  • The angel’s appearance to Manoah and his wife, the parents of Samson (Judges 13:2-7, 24 and Luke 1:5-17)
  • The destiny of Bethlehem revealed in Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 4:10-13 and Matthew 2:1-6)
  • The song of praise of Hannah and Elkahah (1 Samuel 1:19-20, 27-28; 2:1-10 and Luke 1:39-56)
  • David’s promise to Bathsheba (1 Kings 1:15-18, 29-31 and Hebrews 2:5-9)
  • The Immaculate Conception and birth of Mary, the new ark (Genesis 6:13-22 and 1 Peter 3:13-22)

For more information and the complete stations with prayer and scriptures, see Advent Stations – Office of the Ancestors of Christ or get this printable version of the Advent stations.






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