This is a super easy game which can be played at any time because it requires no set up. It goes pretty quickly, so you can play multiple rounds.

How to Play Mingle Icebreaker

This is an easy icebreaker which requires no materials or prep.


  • Designate one person as the game leader.
  • When the game leader tells them to start, they all walk around muttering “mingle, mingle, mingle, “ etc.
  • The leader shouts out a number.
  • Everyone must arrange themselves into groups of that number. For example, if the number was four, everyone must make groups of four.
  • Anyone not in a group of the appropriate number is out.
  • Continue playing until you are left with just two people.


If there are 9 people and the leader chooses 3, everyone will have a group. That is OK. Just choose something which won’t work out evenly next time.

Getting to Know You Bingo

This game combines bingo with mingling. People have to fill their cards with the names of people who have various characteristics. Follow the link for a set of printable cards.

More Icebreakers

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Tips on Icebreakers

Learn how to use games to bring youth together and to get them excited about the lesson. Games also add energy back into the room when things get a little sleepy.






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