What Happens on Holy Saturday?

Holy Saturday is the day between Good Friday and Easter. It is a mix of both sorrow for the suffering of Jesus Christ and expectation of his rising.

There is no “Holy Saturday” mass. A prayer service, such as morning prayer from Liturgy of the Hours, may be offered.

Holy Saturday is a day to reflect on hope for the hopeless. Imagine you are in the darkness, and without explanation there is a light in the distance. You hear footsteps. You reach out into the darkness and a hand grasps yours.

My child, you are not alone. I am here.

Holy Saturday ends with the Easter Vigil Mass which is celebrated Saturday night, usually shortly after sundown. The mass marks the beginning of Easter.


What Now?

Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Lord of the Universe, is dead and laid in the tomb. Imagine that you are one of His disciples. Yesterday Jesus was beaten, scorned, and hung on a cross to die naked in front a crowd of those He came to save. And what did the disciples do? Many ran and hid, afraid for their lives. Indeed, all but John disappeared from the narratives as Jesus walked the lonely road to Calvary.

The Great Silence

In the hours of this day a great silence overtakes the Church. Our silence commemorates that God in Christ descended to where no human word is uttered or heard— the silence of the grave. Yet even in that silence God is speaking.

How Did the Apostles Feel?

Anyone who has been a witness to tragedy and loss knows that the event itself does not end the pain for those who are left behind. For those who loved Jesus, the tomb would not have ended the horror. The shockwaves of Christ’s brutal execution would have continued to pummel them. This leads us to Holy Saturday.

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Just as when we were children, we were afraid to be alone in the dark and could only be assured by the presence of someone who loved us. Well this is exactly what happened on Holy Saturday, the voice of God resounded in the realm of death. The unimaginable occurred; namely, love penetrated Hell.

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