This is an activity to help youth think about the qualities of a good leader. It is held in an informal, small group setting so youth will be comfortable sharing.

Leaders We Love

This activity helps youth think about the qualities of leadership. It will also enable them to consider how others motivate and influence them.


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  • Separate the youth into small groups of 5 or 6.
  • Have one of the youth name someone they consider a leader. It can be someone famous or someone they know personally. Have them write the person’s name on the posterboard and write down three qualities that they feel makes them a good leader.
  • Continue until each person has put a leader on the board.
  • If time permits, have them each put a second person and qualities on the board.
  • Bring the groups back together. Let each group share the people and qualities they admired.
  • Talk about the qualities which were brought up most often. What does this tell us about how we view leaders?
  • Talk about an surprising characteristics. Were any of these characteristics what you would consider “negative” in other circumstances? What made some of the characteristics unusual?






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