Prayer for Military Chaplains

Why Pray for Military Chaplains?

Military chaplains serve the spiritual needs of men and women in the service. And they do so much more also. So say a prayer to support the chaplains who give themselves to support others.

St. Titus is the patron saint of the US Army Chaplain Corps. (There is even an official award named after him.)

Prayer for Military Chaplains

Father in heaven,

Please bless and protect all military chaplains.

Grant them courage as they minister to our military personnel.

May your Spirit of truth grant them the words they need
to comfort and support those serving in the armed services,
especially those who are far from their homes and loved ones.
We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.



More Prayers for Chaplains

Other prayers appropriate for military chaplains:

The Order of Titus

This award recognizes "the great importance of realistic, doctrinally-guided combat ministry training in ensuring the delivery of prevailing religious support to the American Soldier."

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