Catholic Christmas Activities

With all of the emphasis on material goods and secular activities at Christmas, many Catholic families search for ways to keep Jesus in focus during the Christmas season. Here are our most popular Catholic Christmas ideas. Some of these are also appropriate for Advent.

Have a Birthday Party for Jesus

Sometime during the Christmas season have a traditional birthday party. Invite Jesus to be the guest of honor. Play games like Pin the Baby in the Manger, The Angel Says, and more. This is the most popular of our Catholic Christmas activities.

More information on how to play a birthday party for Jesus

Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas Together

This Christmas classic has a strong message of faith. And while you watch, pay attention to Linus. See what he does with his blanket and discuss it.

Find out why Linus drops his blanket

Go See a Christmas Light Display

Spend some time looking at the lights in your neighborhood. Especially look for lights which are focused on the religious nature of Christmas. This article includes a scripture quote to go with the activity.

Joy Story Video

Watch the story of a Christmas nativity scene told as a Toy Story parody. Watch at the characters in a traditional creche come to life when nobody is watching. It covers the topic of the Immaculate Conception also.

Make Some Homemade Christmas Gifts

Bring the joy of Christmas to a teacher, grandparent, or neighbor with these homemade Christmas gift ideas.






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