Fox and Chickens tag is a variation on tag which the person who is it tries to tag the last person in line. The people at the front of the line try to protect the last person.

This game could be used with a theme of how God protects us and loves us even better than a mother hen protects her chicks. Or it could be used for a social justice theme about protecting the marginalized.

Fox and Chickens Tag

This game is appropriate for most ages, so it would work well for VBS, youth group, or youth ministry.


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  1. Choose one person to be the Fox (it).
  2. Line up the rest of the group in a single file line.
  3. Each person holds the waist of the person in front of him or her.
  4. The person at the front of the line is the Mother Hen and the rest are the Chicks.
  5. The Fox stands in front of the line.
  6. On signal, the Fox starts around the line, trying to tag the very last Chick. The Mother Hen flaps her wings and follows the Fox to prevent him from catching the Chicks. The others keep in line with the leader and turn away from the Fox.
  7. If the last Chick is caught, he falls behind the Fox and the game continues until all Chicks are caught.






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