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Fox and Chickens Tag

Fox and Chickens Tag is a lively and engaging game suitable for most age groups. Whether it’s a youth group, Vacation Bible School (VBS), or any other youth ministry event, this game can bring smiles and thoughtful reflections.

Themes and Insights

This simple tag game can carry deeper meanings and connect with various themes in the Christian faith. For example, the protective Mother Hen could symbolize how God loves and safeguards us, providing a gentle reminder of divine care.

Alternatively, this game can be tied to social justice themes, emphasizing the importance of shielding and supporting those who are marginalized. By playing and discussing this game, the youth can develop empathy and understanding.

What makes Fox and Chickens Tag an excellent choice for youth ministry is its universal appeal. Since it doesn’t require any materials and can be adapted to various settings, it’s highly accessible and promotes inclusivity.

Engaging Play and Reflection

As the players take on roles of the Fox, Mother Hen, and Chicks, they can have a great time while also reflecting on the deeper values that the game represents. Leaders can facilitate discussions afterward, linking the fun experience to relevant faith concepts.

Fox and Chickens Tag is more than just a game; it’s an opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. Whether aiming to reinforce religious themes or simply bring joy and camaraderie, this game can be a delightful addition to your youth ministry toolkit.

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How to Play Fox and Chickens Tag

Fox and Chickens Tag is a game that suits various age groups, making it a good choice for events like youth gatherings or religious camps.


None required


  1. Select one player to be the Fox (it).
  2. Arrange the remaining players in a single-file line.
  3. Everyone in the line holds the waist of the person in front of them.
  4. The first person in line is the Mother Hen, and the others are the Chicks.
  5. The Fox positions himself in front of the line.
  6. Upon a given signal, the Fox tries to tag the last Chick, moving around the line. The Mother Hen flaps her wings and follows the Fox, aiming to prevent him from catching the Chicks. The others stay aligned with the leader, turning away from the Fox.
  7. If the last Chick is caught, they fall in line behind the Fox. The game continues until all the Chicks are caught. Enjoy the fun, lighthearted nature of the game!


  • Safety: Ensure there’s enough space to play without obstacles that could cause tripping or collisions. Safety should always be a priority.
  • Number of Players: The game is more engaging with a larger group. If you have fewer players, you might want to shorten the line of Chicks to make it more challenging for the Fox.
  • Roles Rotation: Encourage participants to switch roles between games so that everyone gets a chance to be the Fox and the Mother Hen. This adds variety and keeps the game fresh.
  • Game Duration: Consider setting a time limit if you wish to control the duration of the game, especially if there are many players. You might decide the winner based on the number of Chicks caught within a set time.
  • Adaptations: Feel free to modify the rules for younger or older participants to ensure that everyone can enjoy the game at their comfort level.

In conclusion, Fox and Chickens Tag is a versatile and engaging game ideal for various age groups and gatherings, including youth events and religious camps. One player is chosen as the Fox, and the others line up, with the first person being the Mother Hen and the rest the Chicks. The game involves the Fox attempting to tag the last Chick while being deterred by the Mother Hen. If a Chick is caught, they fall in line behind the Fox, and the game continues until all are caught. Care should be taken for safety, and consideration should be given to the number of players, role rotation, game duration, and potential adaptations to suit different age levels.

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Game On: Why Games are Essential in Youth Ministry

Games like Fox and Chickens Tag are often included in youth ministry programs because they provide an engaging way to illustrate deeper spiritual concepts. By using simple play mechanics, the game fosters teamwork, empathy, and understanding, while connecting to themes like protection and care. This connection between play and faith concepts creates a relaxed environment where young people can explore and discuss their beliefs in a relatable way. In addition, such games add fun and energy to the gatherings, enhancing social bonds and helping in the overall development of the youth community.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fox and Chickens Tag

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