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Musical Statues Game

This is an active game which encourages youth to get up and move. It makes a good break between more sedentary activities.

This would work well at a meeting focused on freedom, joy, or being yourself. Or just use it for fun at your youth ministry meeting or VBS.

See the notes at the bottom for some suggestions to get the more reluctant participants moving.

Musical Statues

This game is similar to musical chairs, but older youth will find it more active and fun. And you don't need to worry about larger kids clobbering each other trying to get a chair.


  • music source
  • speaker


  1. Have everyone spread out in your room.
  2. Play some music.
  3. When the music starts, they should dance or move.
  4. Stop the music.
  5. Anyone who continues to move after the music stops is out.


You can also make a rule that anyone who does not move enough when the music is playing is out. If your dancers are timid, have somebody lead silly dance moves up front. Everyone must do that move.


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