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Give Up Video Games for a Weekend Or More

Why Give Up Video Games?

For many of us, video games have become a way to escape reality and blow off some steam. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, there is a tendency in our culture to spend a lot of time gaming.

This is something which many of us in our culture, especially youth, can give up and think about how we spend our time. Is our use of time really meaningful? How are we using our time to let the Lord bring forth the Kingdom of God?

Benefits When You Give Up Video Games

Fasting from gaming is an option for Lent. Some games have a "community" feature which can make you feel like this decision affects others. But the fact is that gaming is not real. It is a virtual world. So explain to your teammates that you plan to give up video games for Lent. Who knows? That might make one of them consider Lent more seriously. And even if it doesn't, at least you are giving up something you spend time on to make time for something else. Like prayer.

Can Your Family Give Up Video Games?

So consider encouraging your family to give up video games for Lent. Maybe for a  weekend. Maybe for a couple of weekends. Maybe more. Do some discernment together and decide what is best for your family.

More Resources

Lenten Ideas for Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. See some more practical suggestions for these three pillars of Lenten practice here.

fasting and feasting prayer
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Fast and Feast Prayer

This prayer can be found in many variations. It suggests something to fast from and then an alternative to feast upon. We don’t give something up to make ourselves suffer. We give things up for Lent to make room for something better.

10 Things to Remember for Lent

  1. Remember the formula
  2. It's a time of prayer
  3. It's a time to fast
  4. It's a time to work on discipline
  5. It's about dying to yourself
  6. Don't do too much
  7. Lent reminds us of our weakness
  8. Be patient with yourself
  9. Reach out in charity
  10. Learn to love like Christ


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