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Do Yardwork for the Elderly in Your Neighborhood

Service projects are a good way to show our care for others. They can be considered a type of almsgiving. One popular project with teens and younger children is yardwork for the elderly. There might be some leaves left from the fall. Or fallen branches from winter storms. Or just some spring cleanup needed. An elderly neighbor will appreciate any help you can give.

Consider working with a senior ministry in your neighborhood. They will often contact the senior citizens who need help and you can provide the youth labor. Doing a "yard blitz" where a large group do five or six yards in a day is fun.

Your elderly neighbors will enjoy the company as much as they do getting their leaves raked. Make sure you spend a little time talking to them also. This will help youth understand how much we need each other, not just for work, but also for companionship.

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One response to “Do Yardwork for the Elderly in Your Neighborhood”

  1. Sandy Avatar

    We have done this. One of my favorite memories is of standing on the front porch with one of the ladies. She said “It just makes me so happy to watch all of the young people in our yard.” 🙂

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