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Highly Recommended Saint Books

Saints are our Catholic heroes. They embody not the perfection of being but the beauty of becoming—illustrating through their lives the journey towards holiness. They teach us, by example, how to navigate the complexities of life while steadfastly remaining in faith. It is precisely for this reason that delving into saint books with their stories can be profoundly impactful for our Catholic children, who are in dire need of virtuous role models in today’s world.

Pope Francis emphasized the importance of saints as companions on the journey to holiness, a journey that begins with the grace of baptism for all Christians. Speaking on the feast of All Saints, he encouraged the faithful to see saints not as distant figures but as relatable people who started their spiritual journey from the same point of baptism. He described saints as "elder brothers and sisters" and "saints next door," living examples of Christian life in everyday settings. The Pope urged Catholics to learn about the saints' lives, be inspired by their examples, and seek their intercession in prayer, highlighting the saints' role in guiding and supporting the faithful towards living holy lives.

However, the challenge lies in choosing age-appropriate literature that captures the essence of these saints’ lives without losing the attention of young readers. In selecting saint books, especially for children, we ought to prioritize stories that inspire, teach, and illuminate the path to joy and peace at an appropriate age level.

Saint Books for Very Young Children

The Saints Are Watching Over Me offers young readers a vivid introduction to the saints, brought to life by the creators of Tiny Saints. This board book, suitable for babies to 4-year-olds, presents 18 diverse male and female saints in a manner that's accessible and engaging. It's not just a story; it's a basic lesson in faith, teaching children that saints, real people who deeply loved God and are now watching over us from heaven, can be their guides and friends. Perfect for little hands and growing minds, this colorful and durable saint book is an ideal way to begin a lifelong journey of faith and inspiration towards sainthood.

Glory Be Saints A to Z merges the learning journey of ABCs with the spiritual companionship of the saints. As children explore letter sounds and symbols, they simultaneously meet saints from Augustine to Zélie, building a foundation of faith and admiration for these holy figures. This board book is not only a tool for reading readiness but also a gentle introduction to the Catholic Faith, making this saint book a precious gift or a cherished addition to any young child's library. It's a beautiful way to teach preschool and kindergarten-aged children about God's love and the care of the saints, all while engaging their curiosity and developing early literacy skills.

Cloud of Witnesses: A Child’s First Book of Saints is an introduction to the heavenly friends watching over us. Perfect for ages 1 to 4, this book from the First Faith Treasury series enriches little ones with simple, impactful lessons from beloved saints. Each page in this saint book presents a memorable quote and a stunning illustration of the saint, making it a delightful way for children to learn about these holy men and women. Ideal for nurturing early faith and understanding of sanctity, it's a treasure for young hearts and a wonderful baptism gift, promising to be a favorite for children and adults alike.

Picture Book of the Saints also stands out for introducing the lives of over 100 saints to young readers. With a legacy spanning over sixty years, and an expansion in 2015 to include recent Blesseds and Saints, this book pairs each saint's story with a beautiful illustration and a brief prayer, making their holy lives accessible and inspirational. It's perfect for preschool through second grade. Ideal as a First Communion gift, it serves as a wonderful educational tool and a guide for children to emulate these examples of faith and devotion.

Saint Books for Primary Grades

115 Saintly Fun Facts is a delightful dive into the extraordinary lives of saints, presented in a way that's both engaging and educational for children in grades 1-6. This saint book reveals surprising and amusing anecdotes about saints who showcased not only their faith but also their unique personalities and talents. Each section ends with a challenge, encouraging kids to apply the virtues they've learned about in their daily lives. A perfect gift for Christmas, First Communion, or to brighten an Easter basket, it's a wonderful resource for sparking conversations about how to be more saint-like every day.

Saintly Creatures: 14 Tales of Animals and Their Holy Companions brings to life stories of animals that played pivotal roles in the lives of saints. Each story is beautifully illustrated in full color, making this saint book an engaging read for families. It's an ideal gift for introducing children to the saints, inspiring them to follow Jesus through the courageous and compassionate actions of both humans and animals alike. Perfect for grandparents or godparents looking to share the faith with young ones, this storybook enriches hearts with every turn of the page.

Loyola Kids Book of Saints brings the stories of over sixty saints to life for children ages 6-9. This saint book serves as a wonderful introduction to who saints are, how they've impacted the world, and why their lives are significant for children today. Through engaging stories, practical applications, and vibrant illustrations, readers are not only introduced to the saints' historical contexts and their feast days but are also encouraged to see how these stories can apply to their own lives. Each chapter ends with a thought-provoking discussion question, making this book a valuable resource for understanding the role of saints as heroes of the church and role models for living out faith in daily life.

Saint Books for Older Children

A Saint a Day: A 365-Day Devotional offers kids ages 8 to 12 a daily journey through the lives of saints who have lived extraordinary lives for God. From Mother Teresa's missionary work to St. Jerome's translation of the Bible and his unique pet lion, this saint book makes history engaging and faith inspiring. Each day includes a Scripture verse, a prayer, a concise saint story, and a fascinating fact, all complemented by vibrant, kid-friendly artwork. Perfect for gifts during First Communion, Confirmation, or Advent, it strengthens children's faith and introduces them to the rich tapestry of Catholic Church history.

The Life of Pope John Paul II in Comics transforms the life of one of history's most beloved popes into an engaging graphic novel. This saint book captures the essence of Pope John Paul II's life, from his early days in Poland, his defiance against communist oppression, to his impactful papacy, through vivid illustrations and narratives. It showcases his adventures and challenges, highlighting his quest for peace and global understanding. Perfect for teens and tweens, this graphic biography makes an inspiring confirmation gift. Through Pope John Paul II's own words and inspiring actions, readers will discover a modern saint whose life story rivals those of any Marvel Universe character.

Stories of the Saints: Bold and Inspiring Tales of Adventure, Grace, and Courage is a saint book designed for readers age 10 and up. This book brings to life iconic figures like Joan of Arc, with her unwavering faith, and Francis of Assisi, known for his profound gentleness, alongside stories of other saints who have shown extraordinary faith and courage. Each saint is vividly brought to life through dramatic, stylized illustrations, and the entries include important details such as their feast days and patronages. Written in engaging narrative form, these stories are both inspiring and educational, making this book a perfect gift for Confirmation or any young reader interested in the heroes of the faith.

Saint Books for Teens, Young Adults, and Beyond

Saints: Inspiration and Guidance for Every Day of the Year is a daily journey through the lives of 365 saints, offering a wealth of wisdom and comfort. Each page, corresponding to a saint's feast day, unveils the history, ministry, and spiritual insights of saints from St. Apollonia to St. Zita. Illustrated with classic paintings and historic iconography, this saint book not only educates but inspires, making it an invaluable family treasure. Perfect for special occasions like Christenings and Confirmations, it also features an index by subject to discover the patron saint for various concerns.

Dining with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Righteous Feast offers a blend of spirituality and culinary adventure, making every meal a heavenly experience. This unique cookbook pairs the fascinating stories of over two hundred saints with delicious, international recipes tailored to the Catholic liturgical year. From Eggs Benedict with Basil Hollandaise in honor of St. Benedict to Goretti Tiramisu celebrating St. Maria Goretti, each dish brings the spirit of a saint into your home. Covering the entire year, including special sections for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Mardi Gras, Lent, and Easter, this book is a feast for the soul and the senses, perfect for anyone looking to enrich their family meals with history, tradition, and flavor.

Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God's Holy Ones by Scott Hahn brings the heavenly hosts into relatable proximity. Dispelling myths that keep saints and angels at arm's length, Hahn illustrates how deeply interconnected heaven and earth truly are. Through engaging stories and scriptural insights, he reveals the saints' flesh-and-blood realities, their struggles, and their triumphs, portraying them not as distant figures but as companions and role models for the Christian life. This saint book encourages us to see these holy ones as part of a vibrant, diverse heavenly community, urging us to start living our heavenly life now.

In My Life with the Saints by Fr. James Martin, S.J., shares stories of how holy men and women from St. Peter to Dorothy Day have profoundly influenced his life and vocation. This saint book is not just a series of biographies but a heartfelt exploration of Fr. Martin’s personal encounters with these holy figures throughout his formation as a Jesuit priest. From his days at The Wharton School of Business to his experiences as a new priest, his narrative is relatable, blending humor with deep spiritual insight. He invites readers to see how saints can guide us toward holiness, making this book a vivid, inspiring guide for finding divine friendship in our own lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a saint book?

A saint book is a publication that details the lives, virtues, and legacies of individuals recognized as saints in the Christian tradition. These books often include biographies, teachings, prayers, and reflections aimed at inspiring readers to deepen their faith and understanding of the saints' examples.

How can I choose the right saint book?

Consider the interests and age of the intended reader, as well as the purpose of the book (e.g., inspiration, education, devotion).

Are there saint books for different age groups?

Absolutely! Saint books are available for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Many are specifically designed for children, featuring simplified stories, colorful illustrations, and engaging narratives to introduce young readers to the lives of the saints. Each book is tailored to suit its intended audience, with appropriate content complexity, language level, and thematic focus.

How can a saint book help in my spiritual journey?

A saint book can offer guidance, inspiration, and practical lessons on living a life of faith. By exploring the challenges and triumphs of the saints, readers can find encouragement, spiritual insights, and examples of how to live out their faith in everyday life.

Can saint books be used for group study or discussion?

Many saint books are used in study groups, catechism classes, and book clubs to spark discussion, deepen understanding, and encourage the sharing of insights about the saints' lives and their relevance to modern Christian living.

Is a saint book a good gift?

They make an excellent gifts for occasions such as baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, and birthdays. It's a thoughtful way to encourage and support someone's faith journey.


Saint books act as gateways to a deeper connection with Christianity’s spiritual heroes, providing lessons, encouragement, and insight from those who have exemplified a holy life. These books offer a variety of stories showcasing how faith, hope, and love can shape our lives. They take us from the early days of Christianity to modern times, showing that saints walked among us, leaving indelible marks of their faith. Saint books make it clear that becoming a saint isn’t an unreachable goal but a daily choice to live out our faith amidst the challenges of everyday life.

Your Turn

Pick up a saint book today. If you’re looking to enrich your spiritual knowledge, find solace in their stories, or share the gift of faith with someone special, there’s a saint book that fits your needs. Begin your exploration now by choosing a book that resonates with you. You can find them at local Catholic bookstores, online, or in parish libraries. Let these saintly stories inspire you to pursue a life of virtue and holiness. The journey towards a deeper faith starts with the first page—take that step today.

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