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Tuesday April 23, 2024

St. George: The Brave Soldier and Dragon Slayer

St. George, also known as George of Lydda, is a revered saint in the Christian faith. He lived in the late 3rd and early 4th century in what is now modern-day Turkey. He was a Roman soldier and is remembered for his bravery and his unwavering faith in Jesus Christ. His story is one of courage and devotion, and has endured for centuries.

During the time of St. George, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Diocletian. Diocletian was notorious for his persecution of Christians and had ordered the execution of many believers. St. George was one of those who openly declared his faith and was consequently sentenced to death. The emperor tried to convince him to renounce his beliefs and offer a sacrifice to pagan gods, but George refused, even at the cost of his life. He was executed in the year 303.

St. George's story has been embellished with legends over the years, but the most famous one is of him slaying the dragon. The story goes that a beast, which may have been a large crocodile, terrorized a village by living near their water source. The locals would offer a sheep to distract it while they collected their water, but one day they decided to sacrifice a young girl instead. St. George intervened and killed the beast, making the sign of the cross before attacking, trusting in the Lord to protect him. This legend has become a symbol of triumph over evil and is often depicted in art and literature.

St. George is venerated by both Christians and Muslims. In the Islamic tradition, he is regarded as a prophet and is known as Khidr. His feast day is April 23, which is celebrated by many countries and communities around the world.

St. George's story is a reminder of the power of faith, courage, and selflessness. His example continues to inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to stand up for what they believe in and to fight for justice and righteousness.

Patron Saint of ...

He is the patron saint of many countries, including Georgia, England, and Ethiopia. He is also the patron saint of Scouting and the military, and his image is often used as a symbol of bravery and chivalry.

Daily Mass Readings for the Optional Memorial of Saint George, Martyr

  • First Reading – Revelation 21:5-7: The promise of a new heaven and a new earth, where God will dwell among his people and wipe away every tear from their eyes. It states that those who overcome will inherit all things, and God will be their God and they will be his children.
  • Responsorial Psalm – Psalm 126: A song of joy and gratitude for God's restoration of the people of Zion, who were once captives. It encourages those who sow in tears that they shall reap rejoicing and that even when they go forth weeping, carrying the seed to be sown, they shall come back rejoicing, carrying their sheaves.
  • Gospel – Luke 9:23-26: Jesus teaches that those who want to follow Him must deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Him. He also warns that gaining the whole world but losing one's soul is not worth it, and that those who are ashamed of Him and His words will be ashamed when He comes in His glory.

Youth Prayer to St. George for Courage

Pray this intercessory prayer when you need the strength and courage to resist evil and stand up for what is right. This prayer is written with youth in mind and the types of experiences they have in their daily lives.

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Do not be afraid of anything. With Christ, we can overcome anything.

In the spirit of St. George

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