St. George is the patron saint of Scouting, making him a favorite saint among many young Catholics. I have known several Boy Scouts who have taken George as their confirmation name because of this patronage.

St. George is known for his bravery. He lived in the third century and little is known of his life. He was a Roman soldier who was put to death for his refusal to deny his faith in Jesus Christ.  It is believe the Roman emperor Diocletian required all Roman soldiers to sacrifice to pagan gods and St. George refused.

He is often depicted slaying a dragon, reflecting a popular legend.  Modern interpretations believe the dragon represents an evil monarch or an invading army.  In any case, St. George is known as a symbol of the battle between good and evil.

Pray this intercessory prayer to St. George when you need the strength and courage to resist evil and stand up for what is right. This prayer is written with youth in mind and the types of experiences they have in their daily lives.

You are free to copy this prayer as long as you include a link to this page in any printed or electronic version.

Printable copy of Youth Prayer to St. George for Courage

Youth Prayer to St. George for Courage

Heavenly Father,
St. George honored your son Jesus by refusing to deny him.
Please grant me the strength and courage you gave St. George.
When my friends are gossiping, let me make my words true and kind.
When somebody is being bullied, let me be the one who stands up for him.
When I am about to use my electronics or social media inappropriately, let me turn away.
When my Catholic faith is being misrepresented, give me the words to defend it.
When I am tempted by evil, help me to stay on the good path.

I ask this through the intercession of St. George
and in the name of your beloved Son,  our Lord Jesus Christ.








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