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St. George Prayer for Courage

The courage and fearlessness displayed by St. George serve as an inspiration to many young Catholics today. When faced with challenges, temptations, or moments of doubt, they turn to St. George in prayer, seeking his intercession for strength and bravery. This St. George prayer for courage serves as a powerful tool for seeking guidance and inner fortitude to confront life’s adversities with faith and resilience.

St. George, is favorite among many young Catholics who find inspiration in his bravery and unwavering faith. For some Boy Scouts, he becomes a significant figure, even influencing their confirmation names. Though little is known about his life, his legacy as a Roman soldier who chose martyrdom over denying his Christian faith has left an indelible mark on history. Beyond his historical significance, St. George’s legend of slaying a dragon symbolizes the eternal battle between good and evil.

Today, countless young Catholics turn to St. George as a source of strength and courage, finding solace in asking for his support during times of trial and temptation. This St. George prayer for courage is tailored to resonate with the experiences of young people in their daily lives.

St. George lived in the third century during the reign of the Roman emperor Diocletian. While historical records about his life are scarce, his legacy endures through various stories and legends passed down through generations. One of the most famous accounts depicts him as a valiant soldier who refused to comply with Diocletian’s edict, requiring all Roman soldiers to offer sacrifices to pagan gods. In the face of death, St. George boldly proclaimed his Christian faith, choosing martyrdom over apostasy.

St. George’s enduring legacy as the patron saint of Scouting and his patronage among young Catholics showcase his importance as a symbol of courage and bravery. His unwavering commitment to his faith, even in the face of dire consequences, continues to inspire countless individuals to stand up for what is right and just.

As young Catholics navigate the challenges of their daily lives, they find solace in this St. George prayer for courage, seeking his intercession for strength and guidance. Through the timeless story of the dragon-slayer and the bravery of St. George, the battle between good and evil becomes a tangible and relatable concept for the youth, reinforcing their resolve to walk the path of righteousness.

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St. George Prayer for Courage

Heavenly Father,
St. George honored your son Jesus by refusing to deny him.
Please grant me the strength and courage you gave St. George.
When my friends are gossiping, let me make my words true and kind.
When somebody is being bullied, let me be the one who stands up for him.
When I am about to use my electronics or social media inappropriately, let me turn away.
When my Catholic faith is being misrepresented, give me the words to defend it.
When I am tempted by evil, help me to stay on the good path.

I ask this through the intercession of St. George
and in the name of your beloved Son,  our Lord Jesus Christ.



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