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Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession)

Make Reconciliation a Community Affair

Consider going to a confession service as a family or with youth group or youth ministry. And then do something afterwards to celebrate this beautiful gift of grace from our Lord. Go out for pizza together or something similar.

Advent, Lent, and More

For many of us, our Lenten  and Advent journeys are not complete until we receive the sacrament of reconciliation. For this is what Jesus died for - to save us from our sins. And during confession we not only get to admit our sins and be freed from my shame. The priest often gives us wonderful insight into what is really going on inside and suggestions about how we might try to avoid my "repeat offenses".

Although the sacrament is not just for Advent and Lent. going more frequently helps us see the patterns of sin in our lives better. If you are struggling with being comfortable with confession, try going monthly for nine months. Be honest with the priest about your discomfort with the sacrament. After nine months of this, you may bring to birth a new appreciation for the sacrament.

Don't Wait for a Big Moment for Confession

We might know people who have had one of those big "reconciliation moments" which changed their whole lives. Sometimes we feel like we are doing it wrong because we never had that. But reconciliation can also be like life. We meet Jesus there in the ordinary and the simple. So consider approaching the sacrament a little differently.  Think of confession as being more like a little regular checkup, to remember that we are flawed and need God's grace.

We can look at what we are doing and what we need to change. And we can see over time that some things which used to be a real problems are not any more. So instead of expecting some big moment which completely changes us, look at it more as meeting our Lord when we are stumbling off the path and he gently points me back in the right direction and calls us "Beloved".

Be a Good Example

No matter what your approach to reconciliation, take advantage of this sacrament. And teach the young Catholics in your life to appreciate it also. Be a good example and go together.

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