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Go to a Fish Fry

Why Go to a Fish Fry?

The Catholic tradition of going to fish fries during Lent has both religious and social significance for many people. In some areas local news stations even publicize them and have maps of them on their websites. Sure they are related to our practice of abstaining from meat on Fridays, but they are also about community.

And over the past few years, the menus have expanded well beyond fried fish, slaw, hush-puppies and green beans. Some serve fish tacos, frog legs, and beets in addition to the usual fare.

Fish fries offer a way for communities to come together and support their local churches or organizations. They often serve as fundraisers for parishes and they can be a way for people to connect with their neighbors and build relationships.

So find a fish fry in your area and support a local parish. If you want to get outside of your comfort zone, grab a few friends and go to a fish fry from outside of your usual neighborhood.

Add a Devotion

Some parishes have Stations of the Cross after the fish fry. This is a good way to balance the fun and friendship at the dinner with a more solemn observance of Lent.

More Resources

stations of the cross

Stations of the Cross

Stations of the Cross are a lovely Lenten tradition. It the devotion, we make the journey to Calvary with our Lord Jesus Christ, focusing on how he suffered for us and his interactions with those he met on the way.

More Lenten Ideas

Lent is a time to answer the call to conversion. Catholics practice self discipline by abstaining from meat on Fridays and making other small sacrifices. Giving alms and spending increased time in prayer are also traditional practices during this holy season. Catholics also are encouraged to go to reconciliation during Lent.

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